Designer dhoti kurta for men

Indian outfits are amazing with their traditional outfits. There are many traditional outfits in India but the dhoti kurtas are the most famous ones in India. Dhoti kurtas are the best for aged people but still very much preferred. Now a day’s dhoti kurtas have become the new style in India. Dhoti kurtas are nothing but the pieces of unstitched cloths. In India, men used to wear dhoti kurtas regularly! However, this traditional outfit of dhoti kurta is being worn by the maximum number of people in India it has become the traditional outfit which is now worn for the festivals and the wedding occasions. Dhoti Kurta is something which is always on the pick among the men who love to wear traditional dress on some occasions. If you are looking for designer dhoti kurta for men, below we have mentioned some of them. Buying dhoti kurta for men is very much convenient nowadays because of several indo-western dresses are available.

Dhoti kurta for men

1.      Shirt Style Kurta.

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Shirt Style kurtas Are on the pick nowadays. Shirt style kurta is something which looks like a shirt and it can be casual at the same time. This is the best style for a man who loves to be traditional. This is the best dress code for a casual occasion, cultural events, festivals, etc. The combination of shirt kurta with white dhoti would be the experiment.

2.      Jacket Style Kurta.

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Jacket style kurta is the new trend it does not only look impactful but they are also easy to style. If you are thinking to wear a dhoti kurta for wedding occasion then this would be the best dress to wear. Jacket Style kurta would be the best dress to wear on occasion.

3.      Jodhpuri Jacket Kurta

Generally, the kurtas are comfortable and are not tight-fitting but a jodhpur jacket kurta is a body fit. This kurta is a formal looking dress which will work in an event like, sangeet ceremonies, engagement parties, wedding reception, etc. color combination plays an important role in dhoti kurta. When you are trying to wear Jodhpuri Jacket kurta then you should select the right combination of color.

4.      Asymmetric Kurta.

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Asymmetric kurta is knee-length kurta which was worn with dhotis but nowadays becomes a fashion with the new trending world. This Asymmetric kurta is like indo-western and can be wear for casual events.

Above we have mentioned some designer dhoti kurta for men. If you like the content make sure you comment down below and thank you for reading.